Quality Utilities

Qualification of Purified water systems, compressed air, air handling unit systems, Nitrogen, Pure steam Mapping activities that includes process rooms and warehouse. We have all necessary tools such as Particle counter, Flow hood, Manometers, Anemometers, air samplers etc.



Process Validations

Risk based approach, execution of process validation from granulation to packaging stage, protocol writing. Statistical process improvement and continuous process validation. We offer standard operating procedure writing, Risk assessment and executions as well as Protocol writing.

Cleaning Validation

Equipment and product matrix development, Equipment drawings, area calculations, protocol writing and execution. Risk assessment development. Our training areas are in Validation, Qualification, process improvements,  productivity efficiencies and Quality Management system (QMS).



Training & Workshops

We’ll create bespoke in-house event training courses (face to face, on-line and self paced online courses) that give you a structured: concept to completion process to help you and or your organisation. We also offer optional post support on our courses.

Qualification Validation

Qualification and Validation of Equipment, HVAC System, Purified Water systems, Cleaning Validation, Process Validation, Computer systems Validation, Packaging Validation.



Air Conditioners

We Supply, Repair, Service and Install all Makes and Models of Air conditioners and Refrigeration. We aim to bring you the best of what is available in the air conditioning market. 

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