ALLYONE Partnership With CST Validations & Consulting

ALLYONE hereby authorizes CST Validations & Consulting to be a channel partner of ALLYONE and hereby appoints CST Validations & Consulting to promote ALLYONE products and to provide services to customers in the areas of sales, installation, support, service, maintenance, repair and/or engineering on an exclusive basis for end customers.CST Validations & Consulting hereby agrees and acknowledges that such authorization and appointment as a channel partner is exclusive and that the Products and/or Services will be sold or provided to end customers by ALLYONE within the Territory or otherwise.

ALLYONE may amend the Products and/or Services set forth therein at any time and in the sole discretion of ALLYONE.

It is understood between the Parties that CST Validations & Consulting (i) shall be independent from ALLYONE and (ii) shall not be an agent or representative of, or in any way be entitled to act on behalf or in the name of, ALLYONE in connection with the sale of the Products or the rendering of Services.



Stability (Humidity) Chamber

BOD Incubator

Cold Chamber


Dual Zone Chamber

Deep Freezer (up to -30°C)

Cold Chamber (2°C to 8°C)


Stability (Humidity) Chamber

BOD Incubator

Bacteriological Chamber

Cold Chamber


Stability (Humidity) Chamber

BOD Incubator

Cold Chamber


Lab Oven

Hot Air Oven

Vacuum Oven

Glass Drying Oven


Specifically designed to perform near UV and visual light testing with fluorescent lamps per ICH Q1B Guidelines


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